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Hello Folks,

   I would like to tell you a little about me and my dogs.  My name is Dewayne Holland, I live in a little town in Arkansas called Lamar, where I pastor at Lee's Chapel Assembly of God.  I have been hunting Original Mountain Curs since the early 80's and have found them to suit me in every way.  I hunt my dogs on squirrels and coons.  I competition hunt as well as pleasure hunt.  I enjoy meeting a lot of new folks through these dogs.  I enjoy training young dogs and also hunt dogs for the public during our season here in Arkansas that runs from September until the end of February.  I have pups and started dogs for sale from time to time, if you are interested give me a call or shoot me and e-mail.  If you would like to come and hunt with me give me a shout I would love to see a good dog in the woods and if you don't have a dog come on and help me kill some squirrels.  Look around on my website and if I can help you in anyway give me a shout.  Come back anytime.  God bless and have a good day Dewayne... 

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This is my friend Dee Patton with Rudi(Tyges Hardwood Rattler x Hollands Lucky) my son Daniel with Hollands Jammer(Tyges Hardwood Rattler x Hollands Lucky) and my daughter Ashley with Hollands Lucky and 12 squirrels we killed in about 2hrs the last day of season 2006.

This was a hunt middle of February 2014 with my dad, Daniel, Pokey and his son, and Brandon Harris.  The dogs are from left to right Luke, Rain, and Shine.